Text Box: A Catholic Way

	Since 2003; I have worked with individuals and families struggling with the darkest aspects of the paranormal. Early on, I came face to face with the realization that demons are real, and they can torment the living. 

	For years I traveled, working with individuals in their homes or on their land. Doing so has permitted me to obtain a considerable amount of knowledge regarding demonic oppression, obsession, and infestation. 

	Today, I work with my clients remotely, assessing the cause of the phenomena that’s tormenting them, as well as educating them on what steps are necessary to be rid of it. My services are absolutely free. All I request is prayers for my protection, patience, and a commitment to following my instructions precisely as they are given. 

	A few things to be aware of… 

1. All of my services (guidance and instructions) are based on the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ. 

2. I will still assist any client(s) who is not of the Catholic faith as best as I can, though such clients must be aware of (and accept) the fact that I will not modify my Catholic approach under any circumstances. 

3. At no time do I correspond with my clients via phone. 

4. All correspondence with my clients will be through email. 

5. At no time do I travel to my clients’ location as I am officially retired from on-site investigations. 

	I have seen how terrifying it is for those under supernatural attack. While I offer no guarantees, my years of experience in this field, and the teachings of my faith, have given me the knowledge and tools needed to combat the forces that haunt you. 


Steven Katonka